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In case you don’t know either Jorge or Marie, here are 8 essential facts about them.

Ceremony RSVP

If you received an invitation for you and your family at home, please confirm here your presence. Tell us how many of you are attending and your preferred meal option. Please select the “child” option for kids under 10 years old.


    We are working on our list, to simplify your life and ours. If you prefer to fund us, via paypal, for our projects, please choose one of them by clicking on the illustration:



    Yes! After the celebration and before the dinner, we'll be having some music. If you want to sing or play, please tell us if you need material, we'll try to provide. If you want it to be a surprise, you can contact Marie's sister, ChloƩ, who will be co-piloting this from France.
    If you are coming just for the wedding, Lisbon is the closest city, just 50min away. You might want to extend your stay, Porto and its region also have a lot to offer and are 3hrs away by car.
    For the wedding: The Quinta communicated us a list of hotels and guest houses close to the wedding site, that we can send you. We sadly haven't tested them out, but we can help you getting in touch with some places, if you need. For your stay in Portugal: if you need recommendations, depending on the kind of holidays that you like to have, we can indicate you places and activities: cultural and historic sites, outdoor activities in different environments, beaches, gastronomy... just write to us at
    As formal as Marie and Jorge. Dress as you would on a happy, sunny day, with people you love, to laugh and eat and sing and dance. The ceremony will take place outdoors, unless it rains.
    The rules aren't published yet and they keep changing according to the situation in Portugal. We might have to reduce the number of guests before the event, but we are quite hopeful and positive on the fact that by the time, guests restrictions will have loosened. Please answer to the RSVP as if all was clear, we will contact you in case plans change.
    Depends how deep in the country you want to go. But mostly you'll be fine, and you'll find people are extremely friendly. For the ceremony, we'll mix and match French, English and Portuguese. A wedding is not very difficult to understand, as you might have seen before. You can also practice in advance: